Amphenol Advanced Sensors T6743-40K-E Automotive CO2 Sensor

Amphenol Advanced Sensors T6743-40K-E Internal CO2 Sensor for Automotive Applications is a nondispersive infrared (NDIR) CO2 sensor that implements a single-channel diffusion sampling method for automotive HVAC applications. Those gas-sensing applications include automatic fresh air control and safety sensing for CO2 refrigerants. Amphenol Advanced Sensors T6743-40K-E Automotive CO2 Sensor features a patented ABC Logic™ lifetime calibration warranty. The sensor also offers low power consumption, a compact design, and simple product integration.


  • ABC Logic - lifetime calibration warranty
  • Lin 2.0 output
  • Low power consumption
  • Selectable power modes
  • Mode-based sampling rate
  • Compact design
  • -40°C to +90°C Temperature range


  • Automotive HVAC
    • In-cabin air quality
    • Comfort control
  • CO2 refrigerant leak detection
  • Building automation


  • Accuracy and measurement
    • 400ppm to 5000ppm CO2 ±200ppm
    • 5000ppm to 4% CO2 ±10% of the reading
    • 4% to 6.5% accuracy not specified
    • ±0.5% of the reading temperature dependence (outside 0°C to +50°C)
  • 0% to 95% non-condensing relative humidity
  • 5s sample rate (active mode)
  • 15s sample rate (low power mode)
  • 5min. sample rate (sleep mode)
  • 5s after power-up warm-up mode
  • 2min. warm-up time to full accuracy
  • Voltage ratings
    • 9VDC to 16VDC input voltage
    • 9VDC to 40VDC LINbus voltage
  • Current consumption
    • 20mA (average) active mode current
    • 15mA (average) low power mode current
    • 25µA (no measurement) sleep mode current
    • 120mA (maximum) peak current
Published: 2023-07-11 | Updated: 2023-09-07