Infineon Technologies 1200V 3-level IGBT Modules

Infineon Technologies 1200V 3-level IGBT Modules deliver electrical performance and high reliability without limiting the design flexibility. The IGBT modules cover a range from only hundreds of watts to several megawatts. The 1200V IGBT Modules are designed for 3-level-applications.

The 1200V IGBT Modules feature a pre-applied thermal interface material (TIM) for a reproducible thermal performance of power electronic applications. Furthermore, the IGBTs allow mounting with the help of PressFIT pins for a solder-less and lead-free mounting of power modules.


  • Extended operating temperature Tvjop
  • Low switching losses
  • Low VCEsat
  • Unbeatable robustness
  • Tvjop=150°C
  • VCEsat with a positive temperature coefficient
  • Isolated baseplate
  • Standard housing
  • Pre-applied Thermal Interface Material
Published: 2021-10-22 | Updated: 2022-03-11