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Mouser Electronics is a global authorised distributor of semiconductors and electronic components for over 1,200 industry-leading manufacturer brands. We specialise in the rapid introduction of the newest products and technologies targeting the design engineer and buyer communities.

Mouser has 27 offices located around the globe. We conduct business in 21 different languages and 34 currencies. Our global distribution centre is equipped with state-of-the-art wireless warehouse management systems that enable us to process orders 24/7, and deliver nearly perfect pick-and-ship operations.

Our details

Company name

Mouser Electronics, Inc.

Corporate Headquarters

1000 N. Main Street
Mansfield, TX 76063-1514

Remittance Address

PO Box 99319
Fort Worth, TX 76199-0319

Business Classification

Large, Corporation

Number of Employees

3,700+ (Globally)

Facility Size

Over 90,000 m²

Subsidiary of:

TTI, Inc. (TTI is a subsidiary of Berkshire Hathaway)

Incorporation (Initial)

14 March 1983 - Texas

Incorporation (Current)

11 January 2007 - Delaware

Federal Tax ID (EIN)

(Mouser is a 1099 exempt company)

DUNS Number


SAM Unique Entity ID




Primary NAICS


SIC Code


AS/ISO Certificate

TUV 951 13 6404,
Exp. 8/9/2025

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Our history


1964 catalogue photo

High school physics teacher, Jerry Mouser, starts up Western Components in El Cajon, California, to better answer his students' needs for electronics components.


1973 Mouser employees standing in front of Mouser Corp building photo

Western Components undergoes a name change. Mouser Electronics is formed. Glenn Smith joins the company, starting his career in the electronics distribution industry.


1983 Mouser Electronics photo with 4 employees

Mouser Electronics opens a warehouse in Mansfield, TX, establishing an important global distribution advantage by using the DFW International Airport in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex.


Shape of Texas with a star showing North Texas

Corporate headquarters moves to Mansfield, TX, from California to centralise its entire operations for a greater logistics advantage.


Glenn Smith holding a shovel to break ground on a new Mouser headquarters

Mouser becomes a subsidiary of TTI, Inc., the world's leading authorised distribution specialist for I, P&E and discrete components.


Glenn Smith Portrait

Glenn Smith is named President & CEO, bringing a new era of changes to strengthen Mouser's overall capabilities and commitment to service excellence, and expand its global reach.


Photo of Warren Buffett and Glenn Smith

Berkshire Hathaway, Inc., acquires TTI, Inc, including Mouser Electronics. Today, Buffett's holdings include insurance and finance subsidiaries and businesses ranging from jewellery and furniture to manufactured homes.


Map of the world

Expansion continues, Mouser Electronics opens offices across three continents to provide personalised customer service, sales and technical support in customers' local regions.


Group shot of Mouser warehouse employees

Mouser grows to over 2,500 employees worldwide and 27 global locations dedicated to answering the authorised electronic component needs of buyers and design engineers in over 223 countries/territories – 24/7, 365 days a year.


Mouser Customer Service Centre photo

Mouser adds a new customer service centre to accelerate growth and further build on the company's long-standing reputation of delivering customer service excellence.


Mouser warehouse expansion photo

Mouser grows to over 3,500 employees globally and ground-breaking of major warehouse expansion.

Our leadership

Executive leadership

Portrait of Glenn Smith

Glenn Smith

President & CEO
Mouser Electronics Inc.

Portrait of Pete Shopp

Pete Shopp

Senior Vice President of Business Operations

Portrait of Mark Burr-Lonnon

Mark Burr-Lonnon

Senior Vice President of Global Service & EMEA and APAC Business

Portrait of Jeff Newell

Jeff Newell

Senior Vice President of Products

Portrait of Hayne Shumate

Hayne Shumate

Senior Vice President of Internet Business

Portrait of Raju Shah

Raju Shah

Senior Vice President of Information Services

Portrait of Scott Brown

Scott Brown

Senior Vice President of Finance and CFO

Portrait of Todd McAtee

Todd McAtee

Senior Vice President of Business Development Americas

Portrait of Lori Hartman

Lori Hartman

Senior Vice President of Customer Experience

Portrait of Kevin Hess

Kevin Hess

Senior Vice President of Marketing