Browser Support

Development Standards

Website technology has experienced many changes in recent years. Websites have transitioned from static pages, each coded by hand, to dynamic applications with virtually endless capabilities. Mouser Electronics has been at the forefront in our industry to ensure that we continue to provide the most cutting-edge technologies while still maintaining a pleasant experience for our users.

We use the latest W3C guidelines and SSL standards to actively test our website across multiple platforms and browsers. This provides a safe and secure experience by using the latest security features available on the browsers listed below.

Supported Browsers

For the best experience, the Mouser website supports the following browsers:

Google Chrome
(Latest Version)

Microsoft Edge
(Latest Version)

Mozilla Firefox
(Latest Non-ESR Version)

(Latest Version)

(Latest Version)

Internet Explorer 11

Retired by Microsoft, 15 June 2022

These are our recommended browsers to use on our site. Using the latest stable versions of these browsers will limit the chances of you having problems. Note that, due to Microsoft retiring Internet Explorer on 15 June 2022, this browser is no longer supported by our site.

Suggested Browser Settings

To be compatible with all features on the Mouser website, your browser should be configured to use:

Although JavaScript is not required to purchase from the Mouser website, enabling JavaScript will allow you to take full advantage of all the services and tools we have available.

Placing An Order (Cookies & Encryption)

In addition to using a supported browser, the following settings are required to place an order:

  • you must be able to accept "first-party" and "session" cookies; this allows you to place items in your basket
  • your browser must support a minimum of 128 bit SSL encryption to use our secure checkout process

A supported browser "out-of-the-box" should already be configured in a way that permits you to place an order from our site.

Your basket is stored in cookies, so clearing cookies will remove all the items from your basket. Using a different computer, browser, or computer user account will cause you to create and use a different basket. As a result, you may see different items in your basket when using a different computer or browser.